Canned peaches — a fantastic dessert

The contents of the large banks in winter disappears in a jiffy! So roll up more! By the way, you will get not only peaches, but also a delicious compote.


Peaches — 1.5 Kg
Sugar 450 Grams
Water — 2-2,5 Liters

Description of preparation:

In the recipe listed ingredients are based on one three-liter jar. Peaches take a dense, medium size. In a jar accommodates 18 peaches.
How to cook canned peaches?

1. Peaches wash. You can peel on and off, but not necessarily. If you have decided that without skin it is better, dip the peaches in boiling water and the skin will come easier. The peaches we canned entirely. But, if you wish, you can roll up and half. In this case, cut them in half and select bones.
2. In dry sterilized jars fold the peaches. Pour the boiling water and cover for 15-20 minutes. Then drain the water back into the pan.
3. Drained the water, put on fire. Need to bring it to a boil. In the meantime, place sugar in jars.
4. When the water boils, pour the peaches with sugar and roll up sterile lids. Wrap the cans of peaches for two days and then store in a dark place.canned-peaches-a-fantastic-dessert

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