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Candy Bounty

To do at home bounty is very easy and taste almost like the store. Without baking.

Step 1:

Condensed milk
250 ml

Coconut milk
1 tbsp.

Coconut unsweetened
300 g

Chocolate milk
1 PC.

The basic ingredients. Milk you can take the usual.

Step 2:

50 g

Parse a chocolate bar. Add plums. oil

Step 3:

In a saucepan melt chocolate, add coconut(150 R jar) or regular milk.

Step 4:

Mix coconut with condensed milk. Too sweet should not be. Chips long to be more than condensed milk.

Step 5:

Do hands like this stuffing. Put in freezer for 20 min.

Step 6:

Using two forks dip our stuffing in the melted chocolate. Put another 20 min in the fridge and repeat the procedure, so that the filling is completely covered with chocolate and it was not visible.

Step 7:

Leave in the fridge( not freezer) overnight or for 2 hours. Take out and serve. You can just sprinkle on top coconut. Bon appetit !candy-bounty