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Canape with herring and lemon


Herring — 1 PC.
Butter — 200 g
Lemon — 1 PC.
Bread — 1 PC.
Dill — to taste


1. To ensure that you have got a very tasty dish, you need to buy a whole carcass of salted herring and then to carve her own hands. So it will retain all of your fat will remain juicy and delicious. But it is necessary to remove the skin and remove all the bones. Then cut into small pieces, to coincide with pieces of bread. But first the bread, as always, cut into squares and then place it roasted on a dry pan.

2. Now engaged in the oil that need for the interlayer. Simply crumble a sharp knife any greens that you have. Now take out the butter from the freezer in advance and put it to melt a little on the table. After we spread the greens, pour the salt and add to taste a bit of garlic. Mix all with a fork. The filling is ready.

3. Now you can enjoy your meal. Spread the bread slices with oil with herbs and then put a piece of herring. Next, cut into thin plastics lemon and then cut it in quarters. So one piece of bread you have enough of one quarter of a lemon, put the lemon and then put everything on the table. Delicious and original starter will work with any seafood that you have. It should now only pre-boil them or fry them. Also you can use not only oil, but any mild cheese that has a delicate and creamy taste.canape-with-herring-and-lemon

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