Cake tropic

This is a cake from cakes choux pastry and covered in custard with fruit, top fruit filled jelly.


1 Cup of water
150 gr. margarine
0.5 tsp salt
2 cups flour
6 eggs.
1l of milk
1 Cup sugar(I have 250 grams)
1 egg
300g butter
1 sachet of vanilla
2st.l. brandy
4 tablespoons of flour with slide+a little milk to mix(about half a Cup)
Any fruit for the filling and decoration(I have kiwi, bananas, peaches and oranges) and jelly cake(2 bags)


1 C. of water to boil with 150 gr margarine and 0.5 tsp salt, brewing there 2 stack. flour, cool slightly and blend one 6 eggs. On two sheets of parchment, draw a pencil-sized meals, which are planning to submit the contour. It is necessary to fill the cells of 3×3 cm, one directly, the other obliquely. The calculated amount of dough to the thickness of the circuit 3-3. 5 mm and the size of the cake approximately 35×25 cm Essence: on a sheet of parchment to draw the size of the cake, smeared with oil. Put the dough in a pastry bag and squeeze out the first contour of a thickness of 3 mm(thicker don’t!;), then begin to fill the middle — do the cells of 3×3 cm, no more!; Bake in the oven at 180 deg. until Golden brown, 20-25 minutes. At this time, doing exactly the workpiece, but the cells are made diagonally. Have 4 cake layers, 2 straight, 2 oblique.

Cream cook custard. To boil a liter of milk with a Cup of sugar,and pour in, stirring constantly whipped mixture of flour, milk and eggs.Cook until thickens.How cool, beat with a mixer the softened butter with the vanilla and cognac.

Collect the cake:
at the dish for the filing put the first cake layer and fill the voids between the bars sliced fruit, coat with cream. Then everything is in order: crust-fruit-cream. Upper Korzh grease cream without fruit, put it on thinly cut slices of any fruit and pour the jelly cakes. Leave overnight to soak in the fridge.cake-tropic

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