Cake Nirvana


Ice Cream — 1 Kg
Shortbread cookies — 300 Grams
Butter — 50 Grams
Raspberry — 300 Grams
Caramel sauce — to taste (you can substitute condensed milk, jam, melted chocolate, etc.)

Number of servings: 5-7
How to cook «Cake «Nirvana»
1. Melt the butter and biscuit crumble into crumbs.
2. Mix them up and with wet hands form sort of a crust on the bottom of the form.
3. Prepare remaining ingredients — ice cream should be slightly melted and the sauce is not too hot.
4. Waited a little bit and now spread a layer of ice cream.
5. Then a layer of sauce. Pour thickly, not regret.
6. Add the raspberries, pressing it into ice cream.
7. If there are cookies, crumble them and sprinkle the cake top. Ready!cake-nirvana

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