Cake «Lawn»


Almonds — 60 Grams
Sugar — 2 Cups
Flour — 0.5 Cup (60 grams in cake, 2 tbsp — in mousse.)
Milk — 500 Ml
Gelatin sheet — 44 Grams
Pistachio paste — 150 Grams

1. Make hazelnut cake. 60 g ground almonds mixed with 60 g of sugar and 60 g of flour. Add one egg and two yolks without the whites. Carefully mix the two.
2. 4 protein whip with a small amount of sugar to sharp peaks. Gradually add to egg mixture.
3. Bake in a separable form at 200 degrees with convection. Cool the sponge and soak the Amaretto or brandy if desired.

4. For pistachio mousse, mix the pasta, 2 tbsp flour, 6 egg yolks and 130 grams of sugar. Parallel to dilute gelatin, as described in the instructions.
5. Heat, but not boil, the milk and pour in the pistachio mixture. Put on stove and cook until thick. Slightly cool and add the prepared gelatin.
6. Now on top of the cake has cooled pour this mixture, let it cool and send in the refrigerator until fully cured.
7. Decorate to your liking. And children the same can of pistachio paste to paint flowers on the lawn.cake-lawn

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