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Cabbage stew with meat in pot


Pork — optional
Cabbage — optional
Carrots — optional
Onions — optional
Sour apple — optional
Salt — optional
Pepper — optional


1.Myaso cut. And fry in strongly heated skovrode without oil a couple of minutes.
2.Rezhem onions. Fry in butter until tender.
3.Narezaem cabbage. Three on a coarse grater carrots.
4.Smeshivaem, salt and give stand 10 minutes.
5.Rezhem diced apple (without skin).
6.Berem goshochek and laid all the layers.
7.Sverhu meat. Perch.
8.Yabloki again cabbage with carrots and onions.
9.I again meat with pepper yablokamii all obyazataelno final layer should have them.
10.Nakryvaem cover and send it in the oven for an hour at 180 ° C. An hour later we get.cabbage-stew-with-meat-in-pot