Brownie with cream cheese and cherries


-Bitter chocolate — 100 g
-Butter — 120 g
-Sugar — 150 g
-Eggs — 4 PCs.
-Wheat flour — 150 g
-Baking powder (no slides) — 1 tsp
-Cottage cheese (soft) — 300 g
-Vanilnye sugar — 1 sachet.
-Frozen cherries (pitted) — 400 g
-Salt — pinch.

Method of preparation:

Step 1. Chocolate to break into pieces. Melt together the butter, in a water bath or in the microwave.
Step 2. 2 eggs and 50 grams of sugar beat with a mixer, add a pinch of salt and vanilla sugar.
Step 3. For cream cheese: cottage cheese mixed with sugar and remaining eggs (2 PCs.). Grind in a mixer until creamy. If the curd is granular, pre-RUB it through a sieve.
Step 4. In beaten eggs and sugar, add cooled, melted chocolate, then baking powder and flour. Stir with a mixer on its lowest speed.

Step 5. In shape with high sides, greased with butter, pour 1/3 of the dough. Distributed in form. Spread half of the cottage cheese mass. If it is thick and does not spread – smooth spatula.
Step 6. By curd mass spread half of the cherry. Then pour the batter, again curd, cherry, and again the dough. The dough try to distribute evenly, then this could not happen, it’s not terrible. On the upper layer, it is possible to make the stains with a knife or wooden stick.
Step 7. Bake for 40-50 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven. Willingness to check out a splinter — it should be dry. Allow to cool in the form.brownie-with-cream-cheese-and-cherries

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