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Berry Sabayon

Quantity: 4 servings


• 200 g of various fresh berries

• a few drops of lemon juice

• 20 g powdered sugar

• a few mint leaves Sabayon

• 8 egg yolks

• 120 g of sugar

• 100 ml of any of Muscat sparkling wine

Method of preparation

1. For Sabayon connect the yolks, sugar and wine in a bowl. Carefully place it over a pot of softly boiling water so that the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Warm up, whisking constantly until the surface of the mass does not appear foam (ideally, the cream should be heated up to 80 °C).

2. Mix berries with lemon juice, powdered sugar and mint leaves. Leave for a few minutes to infuse. Pour the cream, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

Bon appetit!