Baked apples with cheese

Baked apples with cottage cheese dish is so elementary that to cook them, even a child or very far from cooking. Dessert this healthy and low fat, suitable for baby food after one year and the dietary table.

Apple — 6 PCs.
Cottage cheese — 150 g
The egg yolk — 1 PC.
Powdered sugar or honey — 2 tbsp
Vanilla sugar — 1 tsp
Starch — 1 tsp

1. Apples better to take the same size, but not necessarily. Color and variety are not a factor, the main thing that the apples were too soft and fell apart. Wash the fruit, cut off the lids. Use a teaspoon to remove the core with seeds, not to cut the apples through and leaving thick walls.
2. Put in the bowl of a blender cottage cheese, sugar powder, starch, sugar or vanilla extract and egg yolk. Refactor into a homogeneous mass. If you want you can also add washed and drained small raisins.
3. The apples are put into a suitable baking dish greased with butter. Fill the apples with cheese filling tightly.
4. Bake the fruit in a pre-heated to one hundred and ninety-degree oven for about thirty minutes, readiness can be checked with a knife, wall Apple should easily protegerse.
Serve the apples warm, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar. Cold, this dessert is also very good.baked-apples-with-cheese

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