Bacon at home

Many of the recipes we tried to cook. Was salted and kept in the spices, the bacon was hard.Tried to cook , it was very salty when I figuriamoci fat in fat. In General, does not come out the bacon, for any purpose. And yesterday cooked in the brine , get what should be — juicy, soft and delicious.

A big correction to the recipe — half a glass only rock salt, fine grind,this is very important! Fine will oversalt.


1 kg bacon ( pork belly meat and fat).

Brine. — 1 l of water, 100 g of salt (half a Cup), onion skins (recipe required) 3 large not compressed Imani, Bay leaf 3 pieces, seasoning to pork — 1 package. Stir in water and bring to a boil. Then put in brine bacon. Cook for 45-50 minutes.


This turns the bacon is Golden. This is without flash, the visible color of bacon, as if he smoked.

Once cooked, remove from the brine and leave overnight to marinate and cool.

Then to get, to drain the excess fluid from the brine, wipe dry, food container folded and in the fridge… Tasty and tender, the bacon is ready. It is really very tasty. The benefits of fat much has been written, the main thing is not to abuse.

Soft and delicious on the Borodino some bread out of the toaster, coffee with cream.Of course you should choose on the market bacon which had more meat to it better suited for sandwiches, and not just for the contents.bacon-at-home

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