Appetizer of salmon and cheese

Ingredients for 8-10 servings:
— 400 g smoked salmon
— 400 gr cream cheese
— 3 chicken eggs
— 2 cloves of garlic
green onions
— salt and pepper

1. Put cooked eggs. Meanwhile, chop the salmon into thin uniform slices. Take the molds for cupcakes, and it lines the bottom of each «cupcake» with cling film. In this way, that would be convenient to remove the finished snack from the molds.
2. Stacked on the bottom of each mold with a piece of fish, that the edges protrude outside.
3. Now make the filling. Hard-boiled eggs finely chop. You can use a blender. They do the same with garlic and spring onion. The smaller, the better. Mix all this with cream cheese, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.
4. Next, spread the filling into each mold and close the projecting ends of the fish like an envelope. The tape is also wrapped. The filling should be slightly out of shape.
5. When all done, you «cupcakes» than it is to pin down, what would the filling traboules.
For example to put on top cooking plate and put a jar of water. The whole structure is placed in the fridge for a few hours.
6. To get an appetizer gently pulling the edges of plastic wrap. Appetizer of salmon and cream cheese ready.appetizer-of-salmon-and-cheese

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