Allopatry (potato rolls)

And prepared as follows:

Take 4 medium potatoes or 3 large, or 6 small… In General, weight is approximately 0.5 kg. Boil in their skins, remove skins, when cooled, kneaded malkai and added:

— sugar 2 tsp.
— coconut 2-3 tsp.
— salt to 1.5 tsp.
— greens (parsley, dill, cilantro, Basil) on the mood
— garam-masala 1 tsp (or any other favorite spices)

It all mix well.

Now make the batter. Although it was possible to do while getting cold potatoes. In General, act on the circumstances. For the dough you will need:

— water 100 ml.
— salt 0.5 tsp.
— turmeric 0.5 tsp. (not necessarily)
— clarified butter (ghee) 2 tsp.
— flour — 200 gr.

In the water add salt, turmeric, melted ghee and begin to pour the flour and knead the dough.

Now roll out the dough, it is desirable to turn in rolled form, it already resembled a rectangle, which in my case didn’t go too well.. but the taste, thank God, is not affected. Roll the dough to about 3 mm. thick. Now put the potato filling.

You need to spread it around the dough, leaving a thin edge on the side where we will roll the roulade, it is convenient to periodically moisten your hands to evenly distribute the filling. Now wrap it all rolls. The edge of the dough lightly clings to the fingers and place the roll so that the edge was at the bottom. Cut out rolls.

In a pan heat ghee for frying (you can fry on vegetable oil, for frying but from plant it is best to use corn oil). Ponadobitsa 5-8 tbsp ghee, it is desirable that allopatry half were in the oil.

So, put one batch, fry over high heat, then slightly reduce the heat and keep still a minute or two, flip to the other side, also fry.

Put in a colander or on paper towels, leaving the excess oil (though I’m not watching, but just in case

Allopatry ready. Allopatry on the table act as salty snacks, you can serve it with vegetables, soups and generally in anything.allopatry-potato-rolls

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