Buckwheat porridge with blueberries and walnuts

Ingredients Buckwheat 4 tbsp 1 cup frozen blueberries Water (you can also use the juice) 6-8 tbsp Jam made of raspberry 1 ch.l.s slide 1 teaspoon cranberry jam sgorkoy A pinch of cinnamon A handful of nuts and dried fruits (I hazelnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, candied fruits) Preparation: Buckwheat cook …

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Ingredients: • Chicken thighs 1kg • Tomatoes 5 pcs • Bow 5 pieces • Butter 30 g • Hot red pepper ½ tsp • Garlic 5 cloves • Hops-suneli 1 tsp • White wine 100ml • Cilantro 100 g • 1 tablespoon Tkhemali • Salt and pepper to taste • …

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Hot dog «Canoeing»


Ingredients: — Long sausages in natural casing — Cheese — bow — Pepper — Tomatoes — Mini-baguette — Dill and parsley — Grainy mustard — salt pepper Preparation: 1. baguette cut bottom. Pull most of the pulp. The bottom fluff grainy mustard. Canoeing ready. 2. Chop the vegetables and mix …

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Honey-lemon chicken breasts

Very tasty and healthy chicken dish is perfect for a hearty lunch and dinner, diet, and even for the holiday feast. Ingredients: 4 chicken fillets, about 200 g each 2 tbsp liquid honey 2 lemons 2 tbsp olive oil salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste Instructions: Mix honey, …

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Broccoli with chicken breast

The recipe for broccoli with chicken breast is very simple, but the dish turns out – magnificent. If you’ve never cooked broccoli, then this recipe is good for your reference. If you know the taste of this vegetable, you probably agree that it is combined with chicken perfectly. Ingredients: Broccoli …

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Caprese sandwich

Quick and easy to prepare your favorite sandwich would be a tasty snack that will not hurt your figure. Ingredients: 2 slices of bread 50 c. mozzarella cheese 1 3 cherry tomatoes or, as I have A few basil leaves Preparation: On a piece of bread to put layers of …

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Eggplant «Kucherikas» with cheese and curd


Eggplant only more delicious eggplant) Combining spicy-cheese filling and tender eggplants simply unforgettable! Ingredients: Eggplant — 4 pcs. Cottage cheese — 250 g Cheese durum — 200 g Chicken egg — 1 pc. Garlic — 2 tooth. Salt — 1 tbsp A mixture of pepper — to taste Preparation: 1. …

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Vanilla cheesecake with raisins


Ingredients: Curd tight krupitchaty — 460 g Chicken egg — 1 pc. Flour 2 tbsp. l. — The dough, 3 tbsp. l. — For dusting — Article 5. l. Raisins — 2/3 stack. Vanilla sugar — 2 h. L. Sugar — 1 tbsp. l. Milk Oil for frying — 20g …

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Cabbage stew with meat in pot

Ingredients: Pork — optional Cabbage — optional Carrots — optional Onions — optional Sour apple — optional Salt — optional Pepper — optional Preparation: 1.Myaso cut. And fry in strongly heated skovrode without oil a couple of minutes. 2.Rezhem onions. Fry in butter until tender. 3.Narezaem cabbage. Three on a …

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Hot sandwiches with mushrooms

Ingredients: Baguette — 1 pc. Mushrooms — 400 g Cheese — 150 g mayo Preparation: 1. Mushrooms cut and fry. 2. In a plate, combine the mushrooms finished with grated cheese. 3. baguette slice. 4. dry the slices in the toaster. If no toaster, the prints can be dried either …

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Home quesadilla with chicken for 30 minutes

Ingredients: 300-500 gr. champignons 20 c. grated cheese «Gouda» 1 PC. tortilla 1 small chicken breast 5-6 hours. L. red beans 1 bunch cilantro Sauce «Tabasco» to taste 1 tomato Preparation: 1. Take the breast, tomatoes, mushrooms and chop everything finely enough. First fry the meat (the fire should be …

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