A good roll in 5 minutes


1 sheet of lavash
1 jar of curd cheese Hochland with herbs
150g salted salmon
2 medium dense tomato
1 package of salad mix. I took the carrot.
A little freshly ground pepper and food wrap.


1.On pita bread, spread curd cheese.
2.Cut into cubes salmon and tomato. Here tomato should be thick, not watery. I had the insides removed to thin pita not much soaked with moisture.
3.Spread over the entire surface of the salmon and tomatoes.
Top slightly peppered (but see according to your taste) and put the package of lettuce.
4.Now just roll the pita bread in a loaf. Here the most interesting. The pieces of lettuce prominayutsya much, they just give us the fullness of the air space between the layers of pita bread, they give the amount that makes «unusual» this loaf.a-good-roll-in-5-minutes

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